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The most recent macro-economic crisis have created a great deal of uncertainty and forced organizations to revisit their IT modus operandi in response to changes. The ability to quickly reconfigure the business on one hand and to compound forces to eliminate waste and empower teams on the other hand play a critical role to deal with new and challenging opportunities.

Agile and Lean approaches are relevant to continuously implement small improvement loops to your products or your processes in order to maximize the value benefit for your customers. Collaboration and empowerment are two pillars that enable agile or lean teams to reach beyond what they thought possible.

If you are Interested in adopting more Agile/Lean practices into an existing lifecycle or if you are
unsure whether you have the right mix of agility, predictability, and visibility, we are advisors who are knowledgeable in both leading-edge trends and time-tested best practices: we know how to find the right fit and gain as much as possible immediately. We will instill a data –driven culture to
facilitate root cause analysis and value stream mapping before piloting solutions.

Our experience allows clients to assess and monitor the technical debt resulting from trade-off
between short-term and long-term value to optimize the delivery of capabilities. By taking an architecture-focused and measurement-based approach, technical debt can be used to optimize the cost of development over time while continuing to deliver value to the customer.


Smart Mobile

smart mobile Srl è nata nel 2016 dall’esperienza pluriennale di professionisti nel mondo del software: lavoriamo nel mondo delle app mobile dal 2002.

prediligiamo le metodologie agili per meglio gestire il nostro lavoro.

Più info su: www.smartmobile.it