After the exciting experiences of the last few years, we set as goal making the PO Camp a event truly unique: focusing our attention on the Product Ownership, true distinctive element in the panorama of events Agile.
We investigated to Who address this event and What are the goals and expectations of the participants:

Gaston, in charge of product / service software with functions of product liability (product = at least 50% of the “lean canvas”) as of PO and / or manager. Ex SM, fluent in Agile and Lean, Agile has attended at least one day and another 2-3 conference on the topic, and says:

The PO camp goes beyond the usual event agile. It ‘really an event for PO, with the participation of experts of both agile / lean and managers. It ‘served enormously especially to understand how to connect business and software. I particularly liked the specificity on Product Ownership and workshops that have been illuminating.

Chiara, involved in products / services software, has a minimum experience about Agile, she wants to become SM or PO (she is unsure) or otherwise carry on with the verb in the company; she loves to learn new things driven by curiosity and a desire to improve their training for a greater impact on business and career, and confesses:

The PO camp was an unforgettable experience as learning and sharing problems. I was impressed by the stature and experience of the participants and I look forward to attending the next. And now I know what ‘a PO. The workshops I was excited, were unique.

Sandro, manager of a small software company that provides software and services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Italy (CRM and management). Born as a software engineer, he has been working for some years in the business, acting as a liaison between customers and development. Sandro makes a great effort to offer products and services that meet customer needs but that do not impact so disruptive on internal planning (knows that create different offerings for different customers n creates a “debt” unsustainable as time and resources), and reveals:

Since time was looking for a community of experts to help me clarify my dilemmas as responsible for the planning of our offer. I know that Agile helps us a lot, but my team and ‘become good at coping with changeable requirements and delivering in reasonable time. In other words, emergencies. But I do not want to build a business on emergencies. I want a set of services and products that address the real needs of the customer. But who and ‘my client really? How do I determine its need? As the model in terms of requirements and products? How do I rearrange my team? I finally found these answers. At PO Camp !! Beyond all expectations!